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The average flagship-grade gaming smartphone is nothing without its own ecosystem of matching and possibly performance-enhancing accessories with its name or brand ID all over them. The latest example of such products from Black Shark is the FunCooler Pro
This product is designed to latch onto the back of a smartphone using its in-built spring-loaded clamps and protective silicone mats. It can adjust to fit devices of 2.63 to 4.46 inches (67 to 88 millimeters (mm)) in height, meaning it can suit phones besides the latest from Xiaomi’s own gaming line-up. In addition, its companion Shark Kit app is available on Apple’s App Store as well as the Google Play Store.
The FunCooler Pro integrates an aluminium heatsink, hidden behind a 6200rpm fan that makes it look like a phone with one on has acquired a giant watch. Black Shark claims that it runs at as little as 34 decibels (dB) while in use. It may also reduce smartphone temperature by as much as 14 degrees Celsius (°C, or 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit (°F)) in 1 minute, or by a maximum of 28°C (82.4°F).
The brand also claims that the FunCooler Pro can cool a phone down to as low as -13.9°C (7°F) in 10 minutes, and that it can chill itself by as much as 24.5°C (76.1°F) in total. Finally, it does of course have RGB, which can be programmed from its app. This new accessory is currently priced at US$39 on the brand’s global web-store.
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