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WhatsApp new ‘sign-out’ feature will be available on both WhatsApp Messenger and Business versions, according to a report
WhatsApp is finally set to roll out the feature that will allow users to sign out of the app wherever they want to take a break from being overwhelmed by messages, according to a report.
A popular website WABetaInfo that posts regular news around new WhatsApp features first spotted the change. According to the website, WhatsApp will have a ‘log out’ feature that has been on demand by users for quite some time now.
Especially, given the fact that users only have the choice to either uninstall the app or delete it if they want to take a short break from the app. The ‘log out’ feature is basic functionality that exists on a slew of other apps.
This new feature will also enable users to monitor social media consumption, as they will be able to logout from their phone and log in whenever they feel like.
The newly added feature will be available on both WhatsApp Messenger and Business versions.
As per the reports on WABetaInfo, “there will be a new option called Log out, that allows to unlink your device to the main WhatsApp account. At the moment the Log out option replaces Delete account on linked devices but their plans might change, moving/copying the option in the previous Linked devices section.”
There are also reports of another WhatsApp feature called the ‘Multi-Device support’ has been spotted on WhatsApp beta for iOS users.
This feature was spotted by WABetaInfo, which revealed that “WhatsApp is developing two different kinds of multi-device – Multi-device with WhatsApp Web where you can use WhatsApp Web without your main phone to be connected to the Internet. And multi-device with other devices where you can connect up to 4 different devices to your main WhatsApp account.”

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