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The Samsung Galaxy A52 is a great budget phone to buy in 2021. It offers a super-smooth 120Hz refresh rate, optional 5G connectivity, and good performance. There’s also an updated version of the phone now — the Galaxy A52s — available in some markets. If you’re planning to buy the Galaxy A52, you might be wondering which color options it sells in. Well, Samsung offers four amazing colors for the Galaxy A52: Awesome White, Awesome Black, Awesome Violet, and Awesome Blue. But not all colors may be available in all markets.
In North America, Samsung sells just one variant of the Galaxy A52 — the 5G model in Awesome Black color. No other variants of the phone are officially listed by the company in the country. You’ll however find several listings for the 4G and 5G variants of the Samsung phone on Amazon but these are imported units, and you won’t get any warranty and will likely have limited network support.
Similarly, in the UK, Samsung just offers the 5G variant of the phone, but you get all the color options. Other European markets get both 4G and 5G models in all colors. Some regions like India get the Galaxy A52s 5G, which is absent from other regions.
All four colors of the Samsung Galaxy A52 look quite nice. You can opt for Awesome White or Awesome Black for a classic look, or you can choose Awesome Violet or Awesome Blue for a little more character and vibrancy. As for the Galaxy A52s, it’s available in three different colors options — Black, Light Violet, and White.
If we talk about the specifications of the phone, there are a number of similarities between the 4G and 5G variants. The phone packs a 6.5 inch full-HD+ (1080 x 2400 pixels) Super AMOLED display and 4,500mAh battery with 25W fast charging support. The phone runs on Android 11 with One UI. For the imaging needs, it includes four cameras on the back, headlined by a 64 megapixel sensor with an f/1.8 lens. There is a 32 megapixel fixed-focus selfie shooter on the front as well, with an f/2.2 lens.
The 4G and 5G models of the A52 differ only on the processor and RAM fronts. You get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor on the 5G variant, whereas in the 4G model, there’s a Snapdragon 720G processor. The 5G buyers will have the choice to go for 6GB or 8GB of RAM, whereas 4G buyers will get an option for a 4GB RAM version. The Galaxy A52s comes with a faster Snapdragon 778G chipset and comes with faster 25W charging compared to the slower 15W charging on the other two models.
So which Samsung Galaxy A52 or A52 color are you planning to get? Let us know in the comments section. Also, if you’re buying the Galaxy A52, make sure to get a case to keep it safe. We’ve selected some of the best Galaxy A52 cases for you.

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