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Samsung mobile phones have great quality when it comes to taking photos and videos. These types of files can take up a lot of space on the device storage, especially videos.
Samsung Galaxy models offer the ability to record videos that take up less space within the system thanks to a function not available on other terminals.

Samsung Galaxy M12

This function is called High quality videos It is somewhat hidden within the phone’s many settings.
Once this feature is activated, the videos being recorded will have less weight, so there will be more capacity for you to continue recording without the device’s performance degrading.

To activate this function, you must follow these steps:
When this feature is activated, the videos will be recorded in the HEVC format, which is responsible for compressing these files so that they do not occupy much.
The videos will play smoothly on mobile but may encounter difficulties when transferring to other devices. In this sense, it is better to use the VLC player, which supports the vast majority of formats, rather than the original driver.

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