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Last updated: September 28th, 2021 at 07:40 UTC+02:00
Dark mode is the rage everywhere you go these days. Whether it’s the user interface on your phone or websites on the world wide web, people want a dark theme. On phones, Samsung beat Google to the punch by introducing a system-wide dark mode a year before it arrived on stock Android.
Dark mode became a regular Android feature starting with Android 10, and since then Google has introduced a dark theme for almost all of its apps. Samsung apps have a dark theme as well, but they lag behind Google’s in one key area: they don’t let you set a light or dark theme manually.
Samsung’s apps simply follow the theme set on your phone or tablet, while most Google apps let you select a light theme, a dark theme, or the same theme as the device itself. Of course, almost every third-party app on the Play Store that has a dark UI also let you switch between themes manually, but it’s strange that Samsung never caught up with what you might consider a basic feature.
Well, hopefully the company sees this and decides to start updating its apps with a dark mode toggle that works independently of the device theme. Not that it’s crucial or anything, but it would be nice to have, especially given how Samsung’s software has always been so big on letting you customize every little thing.
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