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Every year, Apple unveils new devices and big updates. This year, the company is showing off new iPhones with the promise of longer battery life. In a recent change, Apple is not providing chargers in the packaging with new iPhones. You get a lightning cord, but no power brick.
Lightning cords have USB-C plugs on the end. The tech world is starting to transition from the old, USB plugs to the smaller USB-C plugs. Soon, you’ll find USB-C ports in everything from laptops to cars, when you buy new.
So if you’re buying a new iPhone, that means you have to buy a new power brick to charge it. Otherwise, you’ll have to use your old cords and power bricks to charge your phone. You can’t use what you have laying around your house.
But there’s a positive to it all. According to Apple, the new power bricks are faster! They’re loaded with 18 and 20 watts of power. Apple says it can refill the charge on your phone up to 50% in 30 minutes.
Watch the video above: Our Chief National Consumer Correspondent Jeff Rossen tests the new charger versus the old one to see if it’s really that fast!
Interested in getting a new charger for you phone? The lightning cable is compatible with the newer iPhones.
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