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Earning money online has never been more accessible and more diverse than today, especially now that almost everything can be done online. Most jobs that do not require physical labor can be done online in a more efficient, convenient, and profitable way. The next generation of SA workers is now made up of people who have embraced this new method of work and are also utilizing the opportunity of how to make money online.
Here are the most popular ways that the younger generation is doing to make money online:
There’s no limit to how much can be earned in trading the markets. With more processes embracing the convenience of being online, more online brokers can serve those who are interested in trading. Easy equities is one of the most popular trading platforms in South Africa.

Websites like Fiverr and Clickworker offer gigs for people who can do small services for a small fee. These tasks are often doable in less than an hour, so they’re ideal to do during idle times.
Website testers can earn money by visiting and evaluating the websites of different companies. Online stores and corporate websites are the usual clients who look for testers to stress test their sites and look for bugs and errors. Useability, user-friendliness, and user interface are graded by testers which companies consider in making their websites better.
Earning money online has become so profitable and effective that it’s slowly replacing traditional office work as the new norm. All that’s needed is a computer and a stable internet connection and it’s possible to work on almost everything that does not require physical labor. Because of the convenience and earning potential of doing online work, the next generation prefers doing this kind of job to going to offices. 
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