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It’s very easy for businesses to pay as little as £6.50 ($8.81) to companies that will write fake reviews for them and boost their pages on Facebook (FB), a new report revealed.
As part of its investigation, consumer group Which? set up a fake business page on Facebook and contacted a number of websites offering fake review services.
It was inundated with dozens of fake five-star recommendations and hundreds of "page likes."
“Our investigations continue to expose how easy it is for the fake reviews industry to infiltrate online platforms like Facebook and avoid detection, despite the incredibly sophisticated technology these companies have at their disposal,” said Rocio Concha, Which? director of policy and advocacy.
“This is increasingly worrying as people continue to rely on these sites to find local businesses and it raises big questions about whether consumers can trust the reviews they see online.”
Back in April, after intervention from the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), Facebook said it would make it harder for people to find groups and profiles that buy and sell fake reviews. Some 16,000 trading groups were removed with suspensions or bans for users involved.
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But the problem persists.
In June, the CMA had opened a formal probe into Amazon (AMZN) and Google (GOOGL) for not doing enough to combat fake reviews on their sites.
Concha said the CMA should also “strongly consider whether Facebook should be brought into the scope” of this probe.
Meanwhile Which?’s #JustNotBuyingIt campaign is demanding that strong laws are introduced by the government to force tech giants to protect people online.
Which? is urging the government to give regulators the power to make online platforms take greater responsibility for preventing and removing harmful content, at a time when the government is consulting on making the writing or hosting of fake reviews illegal.
The seven companies that offered Which? fake review services were easily found through Google by searching for terms like "buy Facebook business recommendations."
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They were: App Sally, Famous Follower, Fast Face Likes, Gold Star Marketing, Online Boost Up, Red Social, and Woorke. They all agreed to artificially boost the company page in return for money.
Which? bought a package that included 10 recommendations from Gold Star Marketing for £99, a collection of 500 page likes and 10 recommendations from Fast Face Likes for £16, as well as 10 “glowing reviews” from Famous Follower for £6.50.
AppSally said it would "drip feed" the recommendations Which? purchased to "help avoid getting [the reviews] removed by Facebook".
The majority (76%) of the profiles reviewing Which?’s fake business were male. Almost all were from Bangladesh while 2.2% were from the US and Portugal and Oman both clocked up 0.2%.
All of the tactics identified in the investigation are strictly against Facebook’s community guidelines.
In a Which? survey of 2,000 UK adults, around two fifths (39%) of people said they had used review websites or apps over the previous 12 months to look for local trade businesses.
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Facebook was the most popular review website or app used — almost half (47%) of consumers had used the online platform for this purpose.
CMA research suggests £23bn ($31.2bn) a year of consumer spending is influenced by online reviews.
The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) will launch the eNaira, its digital currency, in a couple of days from now, Governor Godwin Emefiele told a conference on Thursday. He said this would make Nigeria "one of the first countries in Africa, and indeed the globe, to adopt the digitisation of its national currency". The CBN had announced plans to launch its own digital currency this year after Nigeria barred banks and financial institutions from dealing in or facilitating transactions in cryptocurrencies in February.
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Standing tall in Italy's pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is an exact replica of Michelangelo's statue of David, but most visitors will see just the head. For the rest of the naked body, they'll have to lean in and peek.
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This ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’ bridge has gone up for auctionLOCATION: Ashdown Forest, England(SOUNDBITE) CHILD PLAYING POOH STICKS GAME AT ASHFORD FOREST, FREDDIE (LAST NAME NOT GIVEN), READING FROM WINNIE THE POOH BOOK:"They dropped their sticks in when Rabbit said 'Go', and then they had all hurried across to the other side of the bridge and now they were all leaning over the edge, awaiting to see whose stick would come out first."Posingford Bridge was built in 1907 in Ashdown ForestIt inspired author A.A. Milneand featured in stories about the honey-loving bearMilne and his son Christopher Robin invented the game of Poohsticks on the bridgeIt has recently been fully restored and reconstructedand has an auction price tag of up to $81,000
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A powerful earthquake registering a preliminary magnitude 6.1 shook the Tokyo area on Thursday night, but officials said there was no danger of a tsunami. The Meteorological Agency said the quake was centered in Chiba prefecture, just east of Tokyo, at a depth of 80 kilometers (48 miles). Power lines shook in Tokyo's Suginami district.
These are Vrimps, or vegan shrimps.And here we have plant-substitutes for eggs.You can scramble them, put them in a sandwich or even in a pancake mixture.Nestle has launched the plant-based substitutes,hoping the products will help them crack into the fast-growing vegan market. Branded Garden Gourmet vEGGie in Europe, the egg-copycat contains soy protein and omega-3 fatty acids…and closely mirrors the taste, nutrition and performance of the real deal, according to Chief Technology Officer, Stefan Palzer."Now, look, there are indeed some egg alternatives in the market, but we think we have a very favorable ingredient list. We have only five ingredients in this product. If you look at it, it's canola oil, it's soy protein, then you have natural flavour, then you have carrot juice extract – so a very natural ingredient list – and protein content, which is close to egg.""We want to be as close as possible to the animal-based version because then it's much easier for people to switch to this type of products."Palzer said the substitute eggs and shrimps took less than a year to develop.Following on from its tuna substitute launched in 2020, both new products will initially have a limited launch in some European markets, including Switzerland."Obviously, we spotted the opportunity in the market. You see the consumers are moving there, driven by health concerns, driven by concerns about sustainability, animal welfare, and then, like I said, this social aspect. So the market is going there. As a company, obviously, you want to go there as well. And then you have also this perfect fit with our strategy, which is good for you and good for the planet. These plant-based products, they are good for the people, they have these health benefits, but also having sustainability and animal welfare benefits.""And you see now many families where the meat consumption is decreasing, because you don't want that you cook for each one separately. It's sort of mission impossible sometimes in those families, and it's more fun to enjoy the same dish and to discuss how good it is, and what can be improved, and a bit of history behind it. So we see that consumption habits in families are changing."Nestle launched its first plant-based burgers in 2019, about three years later than U.S. industry pioneers Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. Those products have seen double-digit sales growth, according to Chief Executive Mark Schneider.But last year, Nestle's sales from plant-based products were just 200 million Swiss francs – about $216 million – a tiny fraction of its total sales of 84 billion francs.
European soccer may soon have another multi-billionaire club owner. Media reports say English Premier League team Newcastle United will soon be acquired by Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund. The deal is said to be worth £305 million, or about $415 million – small change for the Saudi investment vehicle. But critics say approving the takeover means the league is ignoring concerns over the kingdom's human rights record. The fund is chaired by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Newcastle supporters say that's nothing to do with them though.Charlotte Robson is a board member of the club's supporters trust. "I think it's vastly unfair to put it on your average football fan, who just wants their club to do really well. If this money is being allowed to come into the Premier League, that's the Premier League's issue, if they're going to allow unscrupulous actors like that into the league, that's on them."Newcastle fans will understandably welcome some serious financial backing for their club. It's a sleeping giant of the game, with big support but little in the way of recent success. Others are concerned at the influence of state money on soccer. Dominant French club Paris St Germain is backed by Qatar. English club Manchester City is backed by the UAE, and has won the Premier League in three of the last four years.If the new Saudi bid goes through, future title races could be a contest of middle east money, as much as soccer skills.
Increasingly, conversations about big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence are going hand-in-hand with conversations about privacy and data protection. Gretel AI, which lets engineers create anonymized, synthetic, datasets based on their actual datasets to use in their analytics and to train machine learning models has closed $50 million in funding, a Series B that it will be using to get the company to the next stage of development. Anthos Capital is leading the round with Section 32 also participating alongside Greylock and Moonshots Capital.
In a new interview, Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell described the US-China economic relationship as "frosty," and said he welcomes US support for the tech sector as a way to counteract such subsidies in China.
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