Police chase ends with deadly 7-car crash in Houston – KKTV

(CNN) – A police chase in Texas ended in a seven-car crash that killed at least one person and injured five others. The suspect involved in the chase got away.
Police say a deputy was chasing an armed robbery suspect Wednesday night in Northeast Houston, but as he drove through an intersection, he ended up crashing with another car, killing the woman who was driving and sending two children, about 5 and 2 years old, to the hospital. The oldest is in critical condition.
Multiple crashes followed that one, sending three more people to the hospital.
The deputy’s car caught fire at one point, but people nearby pulled him out and he’s doing OK.
Police say the deputy had his lights and sirens on as he was going through the intersection, and they’re still not sure exactly how the accident played out.
The armed robbery suspect involved in the police chase that started the chain of events got away.
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