Jerry Jones was driving when another car made improper turn in front of him – NBC Sports

There weren’t many details initially following the wreck last Wednesday that sent Jerry Jones to the hospital with minor injuries. But a Dallas police crash report confirms what was shown in a video obtained by TMZ Sports.
The driver of a gray Hyndai Sonata made an improper left turn from a far-right lane directly into the path of a black Lexus driven by the Cowboys owner, KXAS-TV reports. Jones T-boned the other car.
The other driver was making a food delivery at the time of the crash.
Jones was driving his own car and not a passenger.
The wreck occurred at the intersection of Harry Hines Boulevard and Wolf Street in Dallas a little after 8 p.m., and Jones was treated and released from Parkland Hospital.
One for Lexus being safe. T bone at that speed and walk away with only minor injury.
I still think the most surprising part is Jerry drives a Lexus. Hope the driver had insurance cause you aren’t going to be off the hook with their lawyers.
Jerry knows wrong turns and accidents happen…see Zeke and Dak’s contracts. Glad JJ is okay.
A man of Jerry Jones wealth and importance drives himself around?
He must ditch his driver when he’s making his rounds creating paternity suits.
To cheap to afford a limo driver ?
If I was Jerrah I’d sue the guy for everything he’s worth.
‘Jones was driving his own car’.
What? Doesn’t he have people for that?
Billionaire still drives his own…..LEXUS??????
And speeding
Saw the video, looks like ha had plenty of time to either move to the next lane or hit the brakes. He was moving pretty fast in the video.
As a motorcycle rider I can say with all assurance that there are plenty of idiots out there on the road…. Mobile phone use while driving is a huge issue
The guy driving the car that Jerruh hit is one lucky so-and-so because that T-bone crash looked like it caved in a good part of the driver’s side of his vehicle.
Uber and Door Dash drivers have ZERO regard for traffic laws, double parking etc. They’re awful and as you can see from the video, extremely dangerous. Glad Jerruh is OK. Goodell might not be though
Hollywood has people under the impression that individuals with extreme wealth are too entitled to drive a vehicle (or wipe their own behinds for that part). For events where they may be drinking I get, but on a day to day basis most people probably enjoy their freedom of driving themselves around. I know I do, especially with my personal assistant in my face 10-12 hours out of the day.
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