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Psychological Support
Reference no.: 57/2022
Date of issue:
Reference no.:
Contract title:
Psychological Support
Closing date:
Contracting Authority:
Contact person: Nadine Bannourah
Tel: 0546193310
Fax: 02-5825638
Email: [email protected]
DanChurchAid is an independent, faith-based non-missionary humanitarian and development non-governmental organization (NGO). DCA invites candidates to submit a proposal for Psychological Support under a Framework Contract
Dear Sir/Madam,
The Service is required for Psychological Support. Please find enclosed the following documents which constitute the Request for Proposal: **
A – Instructions
B – Draft Contract including annexes
Annex 1: Terms of Reference
Annex 2: Proposal Submission Form (to be completed by the Candidate)
Annex 3: General Terms and Conditions for Service Contracts – Ver3 2020
Annex 4: Code of Conduct for Contractors
If this document is a PDF format, upon request, a complete copy of the above documents can be forwarded in a WORD format for electronic completion. It is forbidden to make alterations to the text.
We should be grateful to be informed by email of the intention to submit or not a proposal.
In submitting a proposal, the Candidate accepts in full and without restriction the special and general conditions including annexes governing this Contract as the sole basis of this procedure, whatever his own conditions of services may be, which the Candidate hereby waives. The Candidates are expected to examine carefully and comply with all instructions, forms, contract provisions and specifications contained in this Request for Proposal.
A.1. Scope of services
The Services required by the Contracting Authority are described in the Terms of Reference in Annex 1.
The Candidate shall offer the totality of the Services described in the Terms of Reference. Candidates offering only part of the required Services will be rejected.
A.2. Cost of proposal
The Candidate shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of his proposal and the Contracting Authority is not responsible or liable for these costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the process.
A.3. Eligibility and qualification requirements
Candidates are not eligible to participate in this procedure if they are in one of the situations listed in article 33 of the General Terms and Conditions for Service Contracts – Ver3 2020.
Candidates shall in the Proposal Submission Form attest that they meet the above eligibility criteria. If required by the Contracting Authority, the Candidate whose proposal is accepted shall further provide evidence satisfactory to the Contracting Authority of its eligibility.
As a rule, the timely arrival of a proposal with the Contracting Authority is the Candidate’s responsibility. Irrespective of the reason, proposals arriving after the deadline for the submission of proposals, will be considered late and thus rejected.
Candidates are also requested to certify that they comply with the Code of Conduct for Contractors.
A.4. Exclusion from award of contracts
Contracts may not be awarded to Candidates who, during this procedure:
(a) are subject to conflict of interest
(b) are guilty of misrepresentation in supplying the information required by the Contracting Authority as a condition of participation in the Contract procedure or fail to supply this information
A.5. Documents comprising the Request for Proposal
The Candidate shall complete and submit the following documents with this proposal:
The proposal and all correspondence and documents related to the Request for Proposal exchanged by the Candidate and the Contracting Authority must be written in the language of the procedure, which is English.
A.6. Financial proposal
The Financial Proposal shall be presented as an amount in USD in the Proposal Submission Form in Annex 2. The remuneration of the Candidate under the Contract shall be determined as follows: **
Fee/time-based price: The Candidate shall indicate in his/her proposal: (i) his/her proposed hourly fee-rate and (ii) if applicable, his/her comments or counterproposals on the budget for reimbursable expenses specified in the Draft Contract. Costs and expenses which are not mentioned in the Contract shall be deemed covered by the overhead of profit included in the fees.
The Consultant shall provide a valid deduction at source certificate, otherwise, the contracting authority will follow the set rate by law at time of payment.
VAT and/or any sales tax applicable to the purchase of services shall be indicated separately in the proposal.
A.7. Candidate’s proposed personnel
In the Organisation and Methodology Form, Annex 2, the Candidate shall include a detailed description of the role and duties of each of the key experts or other non-key experts, which the Candidate proposes to use for the performance of the Services. The key experts are those whose involvement is considered instrumental in the achievement of the contract objectives. The CV of each key expert shall be provided highlighting his/her experience in the specific field of the Services and his/her specific experience in the country/region where the Services are to be performed. The Candidate whose proposal is accepted shall provide, if so requested by the Contracting Authority, copies of diplomas and employers’ certificates or references proving the key experts’ education, professional experience and language proficiency.
In the Proposal Submission Form, Annex 2, the Candidate shall provide detailed information about key experts’ actual availability for the performance of the Contract.
If, before the signing of the Contract, a key expert proposed in the proposal is no longer available the Candidate shall inform the Contracting Authority immediately and the proposal will in such case be considered invalid. **
A.8. Validity
Proposals shall remain valid and open for acceptance for 60 days after the closing date.**
A.9. Submission of proposals and closing date
Proposals must be received at the address mentioned on the front page by email not later than the closing date and time specified on the front page.
A.10. Evaluation of Proposals
The evaluation method will be the quality and cost-based selection. A two-stage procedure shall be utilised in evaluating the Proposals; a technical evaluation and a financial evaluation.
Proposals will be ranked according to their combined technical (St) and financial (Sf) scores using the weights of 70% for the Technical Proposal; and 30% for the offered price. Each proposal’s overall score shall therefore be: St X 70% + Sf X 30%.
Technical evaluation
For the evaluation of the technical proposals, the Contracting Authority shall take the below criteria and weights into consideration.
Technical evaluation
Maximum Points
Expertise of the Candidate submitting proposal
Availability of an expert in country in West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza
For international consultants, the knowledge of the country context
relevant academic qualifications
Company / expert Profile & Teams CV’s
professional experience in NGOs / INGOs
(Proficiency in English language)
Available hotline service
Sub-total Candidate and/or Organisation
Proposed Organisation and Methodology) **
Candidate’s strong understanding and responding to the Terms of Reference
Provide work plan for methods and tools
Sub-total Organisation and Methodology
Total Technical Score
The Contracting Authority reserves the right to call to interview the Candidates having submitted proposals determined to be substantially responsive.
Financial evaluation
Each proposal shall be given a financial score. The lowest Financial Proposal (Fm) will be given a financial score (Sf) of 100 points. The formula for determining the financial scores shall be the following:
Sf = 100 x Fm/F, in which
Sf is the financial score
Fm is the lowest price and
F is the price of the proposal under evaluation
The Contracting Authority reserves the right to contact the Candidates having submitted proposals determined to be substantially and technically responsive, to propose a negotiation of the terms of such proposals. Negotiations will not entail any substantial deviation to the terms and conditions of the Request for Proposal, but shall have the purpose of obtaining from the Candidates better conditions in terms of technical quality, implementation periods, payment conditions, etc.
Negotiations may however have the purpose of reducing the scope of the services or revising other terms of the Contract to reduce the proposed remuneration when the proposed remunerations exceed the available budget.
A.12. Award criteria**
The Contracting Authority will award the Contract to the Candidate whose proposal has been determined to be substantially responsive to the documents of the Request for Proposal and which has obtained the highest overall score.
A.13. Signature and entry into force of the Contract
Prior to the expiration of the period of the validity of the proposal, the Contracting Authority will inform the successful Candidate in writing that its proposal has been accepted and inform the unsuccessful Candidates in writing about the result of the evaluation process.
Within 5 days of receipt of the Contract, not yet signed by the Contracting Authority, the successful Candidate must sign and date the Contract and return it to the Contracting Authority. On signing the Contract, the successful Candidate will become the Contractor and the Contract will enter into force once signed by the Contracting Authority.
If the successful Candidate fails to sign and return the Contract within the days stipulated, the Contracting Authority may consider the acceptance of the proposal to be cancelled without prejudice to the Contracting Authority’s right to claim compensation or pursue any other remedy in respect of such failure, and the successful Candidate will have no claim whatsoever on the Contracting Authority.
A.14. Cancellation for convenience
The Contracting Authority may for its own convenience and without charge or liability cancel the procedure at any stage.
CONTRACT TITLE: Psychological Support
Reference no.: 57/2022
Instructions to candidates: At this stage of the Request for Proposals this document is for your information and intended to make you aware of the contractual provisions. The information missing in this document will be filled in when a Contractor has been selected, and the “draft” Contract will then become the “final” Contract” between the Contracting Authority and the successful Contractor.
Dan Church Aid
(“The Contracting Authority”),
of the one part,
(“The Contractor”)
of the other part,
have agreed as stipulated in the attached document:
The Contract is done in English in two originals, one original being for the Contracting Authority and one original being for the Contractor.
For the Contractor
For the Contracting Authority
This Contract shall be signed and stamped by the Contractor and returned to the DCA/NCA latest within 5 working days from date of receipt.
Special conditions
B.1. Scope of services
The subject of the Contract is Psychological Support. The “Services” are described in the Terms of Reference
The Contractor acknowledges that:
a) the Contracting Authority is not obligated to place any minimum number of purchase orders / emails with the Contractor, pursuant to this contract;
b) the Contracting Authority shall not be liable for any cost in the event that no purchase order / emails are placed under this contract; and
c) this contract is non-exclusive, and the Contracting Authority is entitled to procure the same or
similar supplies from other Contractors, as it sees fit.
B.2. Commencement Date
The Contract shall commence after signature of this Contract by both parties.
B.3. Period of implementation
The period of implementation of the services is 1 year from the commencement date.
B.4. Expiry Date **
The Contract expires after 12 months from the commencement year. However, the Contract shall remain in force and effect until the end of the warranty liability period as defined in article 15 in the General Terms and Conditions for Service Contracts – Ver3 2020.
B.5. Terms and Termination **
The Contract is valid for a period of 12 months and commences on the commencement date and expires at midnight on the expiry date, unless earlier termination in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of this contract.
The Contracting Authority shall be entitled to renegotiate the contract for a further period of 36 months on similar terms and conditions, by giving the Contractor written notice of its intention to renegotiate the contract not less than 15 days prior to the expiry date, provided however that in the event of a breach of the Agreement by one of the Parties, the other party may for valid cause terminate the Contract as per General Terms and Conditions article 26 and 27.
B.6. Delivery of Services
The Contracting Authority will issue contracts to the Contractor, during the term of this Contract, marking reference to this Contract, and setting out the services required, the location and timing and other instructions for the delivery of Services.
The Contractor agrees to deliver Services to the Contracting Authority pursuant to the Contract, which shall conform with the Terms of References, Annex 1, and the price specified in this Contract.
In the event of the Contracting Authority placing a contract, which the Contractor considers it cannot substantially meet because of unavailability of staff or inability to meet the Terms of References, before proceeding to make a partial delivery of the services, the Contractor shall seek further written instructions from the Contracting Authority.
The Contractor shall cover all costs related to the remedy of an unacceptable Service.
The Contractor shall be responsible for providing all the necessary personnel, equipment, materials and supplies and for making all necessary arrangement for the performance of its obligations under this Contract.
B.7. Remuneration
Fee/time-based price
In consideration for his/her services, the Contractor shall receive a remuneration to be determined based on a hourly fee rate of . This remuneration shall be determined based on time spent by the Contractor in the performance of the services. The fee rate is deemed to remunerate all the activities of the Contractor in the performance of the services and to cover all expenses and costs incurred by the Contractor who is not included in the agreed reimbursable costs. The fee rate covers the Contractor’s overhead, profit, sick leave, overtime and holiday pay, taxes and social charges.
The Contractor shall keep separate, accurate and systematic records and accounts in respect of the services in such form and detail as is customary in the profession and sufficient to establish accurately that the number of working days and the actual reimbursable expenditure identified in the Contractor’s invoice(s) have been duly incurred for the performance of the services.
Timesheets, recording the days and hours worked by the Contractor’s personnel, shall be maintained by the Contractor. The timesheets must be approved by the Contracting Authority monthly. The amounts invoiced by the Contractor must correspond to these timesheets. Time spent travelling exclusively and necessarily for the Contract may be included in the numbers of days or hours, as appropriate.
The Contracting Authority shall pay the Contractor for each contract issued and Services made in accordance with the terms of this Contract, a sum which shall be based on the services ordered by the Contracting Authority and delivered by the Contractor, at the price specified in this Contract.
The Contractor guarantees that the price specified in this Contract, are the maximum price that shall remain firm and shall not be increased during the entire term of this Contract, provided however, that if the Contractor is able to offer the Contracting Authority a discounted price on placement of bulk contracts, the unit price shall be reduced for specific contracts.
By signing this Contract, the Contractor certifies that the Contracting Authority, for transactions resulting from this Contract is not being charged more than other clients for similar Services and similar bulk of Services and within similar circumstances.
B.8. Reporting
The Contractor shall submit reports as specified in the Terms of Reference, Annex 1. The Contractor shall keep the Contracting Authority updated on contract progress on a regular basis.
B.9. Payment
Payments shall be made in USD by bank transfer to the following account:
Account Number:
Name of Bank:
Address of Bank:
Account name:
Swift Code:**
Payment will be made by the Contracting Authority within 30 days from approval by the Contracting Authority and receipt of the Contractor’s invoice.
B.10. Tax and social contributions
The Contracting Authority shall have no obligation or responsibility in connection with taxes or levies payable by the Contractor in its country of establishment or in the beneficiary country in connection with its performance of this Contract.
The Consultant shall provide a valid deduction at source certificate, otherwise, the contracting authority will follow the set rate by law at time of payment.
B.11. Order of precedence of contract documents
The Contract is made up of the following documents, in order of precedence:
The various documents making up the Contract shall be deemed to be mutually explanatory; in cases of ambiguity or divergence, they should be read in the order in which they appear above.
B.12. Language
The language of this Contract, and subsequent contracts issued and of all written communications between the Contractor and the Contracting Authority shall be English.
B.13. Entry into force and duration
The Contract shall enter into force and effect after signature by both parties of this Contract. The Contract shall remain into force and effect until the end of the liability period as defined in the General Terms and Conditions for Service Contracts – Ver3 2020.
B.14. Notices
Any written communication relating to this contract between the Contracting Authority and the Contractor must state the Contract title and Contract number, and must be sent by post, fax, email or by hand to the addresses identified in this Contract.
B.15. Option: General Terms and Conditions
The Contracting Authorities’ General Terms and Conditions attached shall apply to this contract and all contracts subsequently issued pursuant to this contract. In the case of any inconsistencies, the following order of precedence shall prevail:
a) a contract subsequently issued pursuant to this contract
b) this contract
B.16. Data Protection
If DanChurchAid CVR No. 36980214 is recording and processing personal data (such as names, addresses, emails, telephone number and CVs), the data will be processed solely for the purposes of the management and monitoring of the Quotation and the Contract by the Contracting Authority without prejudice to possible transmission to the bodies in charge of monitoring or inspection tasks in application of EU law. In addition, as and when the contract relates to the Contracting Authority’s work outside the EU, transmission of personal data may occur to countries outside of the EU, solely for the purpose of implementing the procurement procedure and the Contract. According to the EU data protection regulation the Candidate has rights related to the information the Contracting Authority processes. Details concerning processing of the Contractor’s personal data and rights are available in the Privacy Policy on
Annex 1: Terms of reference
· Background information
DanChurchAid is a faith-based and ecumenical, non-missionary organization rooted in the Danish National Evangelical Lutheran Church. DanChurchAid carries out its work with the objective:
“To help and be advocates of oppressed, neglected and marginalized groups in poor countries and to strengthen their possibilities of a life in dignity”.
NCA and DCA have developed a new Joint Country Programme (the JCP) in Palestine and Israel, which was launched in 2016. The geographical coverage of the programme is East Jerusalem, Area C and Gaza. Furthermore, because of strong interrelations between Area B and Area C, some interventions will be covering cross-area activities.
· contract purpose and Expected results
1. Objective:
To ensure that staff distressed by work and incidents have access to appropriate care and psychosocial services.
To contract a Counseling provider on mental health and psychosocial well-being for DCA-NCA Palestine National staffs. The psychosocial service provider will conduct workshops on mental health and emotional resilience based on the changing situation that is getting worse in Palestine day after day, especially on violence, arrests, protests, attacks, etc…, so we would like to offer our staff the appropriate support and care in this field.
· Develop work plan based on needs assessment.
· Support staff in coping with critical incidents in person and online.
· Build the staff capacities to manage workload stress on team level and individual level.
· Increased mental strength that allow staff to deal with stress.
· Post incidents coping and stress release.
3. The steps to take achieve the objective:
· Develop Work Plan and needs assessment.
· Provide individual sessions and group sessions. The ability to do online sessions.
· Provide education materials.
· A survey should be conducted for staff before deciding what topics and modalities to use (sessions for all, sessions for groups, sessions for individual – or a combination of these modalities).
· To start up with joint sessions for all staff, followed by smaller groups. These groups will be self-driven but need to get started. In addition, some staff require additional individual counselling.
· Additional quarterly sessions might be needed where staff can feedback on how things are going, and maybe new topics can be introduced for inspiration.
· Any other suitable activities.
· Scope of Service
The subject of the Contract is to Support DCA/NCA Joint Country Program staff who are distressed by work and incidents. The “Services” are described in the Terms of Reference.
The scope of the assignment is the following:
Counselling service to staff for one to one meeting and group sessions.
Assessment of staff’s current well-being based on workshop, consultations, and survey.
Provide feedback Reports semiannually based on the assessment.
Develop training based on the assessment results to build the staff capacities in terms of PSS techniques or tools, PFA and stress-management and others.
In person and online consultation
Evaluation on annual basis.
Provide work plan for the coming year based on the previous year evaluation.
The period for this contract is 1 year, extendable.
4. Timing, logistics and facilities
Provide the consultant with DCA staff manual and DCA security manual
01 June 2022
Provide the consultant with the DCA staff emails
01 June 2022
Survey, meetings, brain storming sessions
June 2022 – August 2022
First Report (semiannually from June 2022 – November 2022)
December 2022
Second Report (semiannually from December 2022 – May 2023)
June 2023
Evaluation based on the 1st year assessment
30 June 2023
Note: DCA will provide any requested information about the applicable local law with support of the DCA legal advisor and DCA payroll advisor. be in contact with the consultant and the DCA legal advisor.
5. Required qualifications and experience
· The consultant / consulting company must provide the CVs.
· One or two senior expert of psychosocial support.
· post-graduate degree in psychology.
· A minimum of 5 – 10 years of proven professional experience in NGOs / INGOs
· Availability of an expert in country in West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza is a Plus.
· A valid driving license in Jerusalem
· For international consultants, the knowledge of the country context is a plus
· Proficiency in Arabic and English.
My financial proposal for my services is as follows**
Fees/time-based price
Fee rate / working hour
VAT or other tax on services
Total price incl. taxes
Candidate or Company information
Company (legal name)
Street name and no.
Postal code
Phone no.
Director (name)
Year of establishment
Number of full time employees
Licensing authority
Licence number (VAT no./TAX id)
Countries with registered office:
Registration Certificate – please attach
Does the company have CSR related policies in place – e.g. Health, Safety, HR, Energy or Climate policy or is a member of Global Compact? Please state which policies.
Is the company e.g. ISO 26000/50001/14000 certified or SA8000 certified? Please state which.
Does the company have a Code of Conduct?
Name and country of customer
Type of contract
Contact name
Phone/fax and email
Include details of the experience and past performance on contracts of a similar nature within the past five years and information on other contracts in hand and/or future commitments including details of the actual and effective participation in each of such contracts, description of the Candidate’s assignments and periods of engagement. Additional documents can be attached to the above form.
The proposal is valid for a period of 60 days after the closing date in accordance with the article A.8. Validity. **
After having read the Request for Proposal no. 57/2022 for Psychological Support dated 10/05/2022, and after having examined the Request for Proposal, I/we hereby offer to execute and complete the services in conformity with all conditions in the Request for Proposal for the sum indicated in our financial proposal.
Further, I/we hereby:
Accept, without restrictions, all the provisions in the Request for Proposal including the General Terms and Conditions for Service Contracts – Ver3 2020 and the draft Service Contract including all annexes.
Certify that I/we do not support terrorists or terrorism activities, and do not condone the use of terrorism.
Provided that a contract is issued by the Contracting Authority I/we hereby commit to perform all services described in the Terms of Reference, Annex 1
Certify and attest compliance with eligibility criteria of article 33 of the General Terms and Conditions for Service – Ver3 2020.
Certify and attest compliance with the Code of Conduct for Contractors in Annex 4
The above declarations will become an integrated part of the Contract and misrepresentation will be regarded as grounds for termination.
Signature and stamp:
Date and signed by:
The Candidate
Name of the company
Telephone no.
Name of contact person
For those who are interested, kindly contact us in order to provide you with the full TOR document.
Contact person: Nadine Bannourah
Tel: 0546193310
Fax: 02-5825638
Email: [email protected]
kindly submit you proposal by email.
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