When should I get an attorney for a car accident?- Personal Injury Lawyer answers your questions.


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– We’re with John Kelly, John is a Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s agreed to answer an online question, that was posted. So John, let’s get into the question. This question was affixed from Samantha. It’s is attributable to when she should hire an attorney for a car accident.

So, her question was, “Mr. Kelly, “I’d like to know when you recommend hiring an attorney, “after a car accident, “and what places you need an lawyer; “and in what places you can avoid hiring an attorney “and exactly work with the insurance company directly? ” – Okay, thank you Samantha, for the question.

It’s a good question and Samantha’s actually ahead of the game, a little, in understanding that there are cases and she’s smart to ask that it may make sense to represent yourself. There are a lot of factors though, that you wanna look at, before you spawn that decision.

So I’ve kinda laid out some of these factors, that I make people who were considering representing themselves, should look at. And if they apply to them they may want to move forward in that way. So one of any issues that I firstly would look at is what type of case they have. So if we’re talking about an auto coincidence; pedestrian accident; something simple, that is very easy to explain; doesn’t have a lot of parties involved, that’s a candidate for a client that you may be able to represent yourself in.

Cases that are difficult to represent yourself in, medical negligence; you do not want to proceed forward, generally, by yourself in a medical negligence case.

Lots of durations professionals are needed, there’s a lot of complicating acts that get involved in that kind of thing. Any kind of case that’s, say a immoral extinction; very serious injuries and we’ll talk about that; you are well aware, things that is likely a little of common sense but if it’s a simple auto accident; maybe a rear end accident, that’s a type of case that you may be able to represent yourself in. Then we gotta go to the next factor, which is, how severe are the traumata? So, if we have a case that has what we call soft-tissue gashes, as opposed to broken bones; brain damage; spinal cord gashes; severe burns; you know, anything that required hospitalization and surgery; those kind of cases, you would not probably want to represent yourself.

But if you’re talking, you are well aware, whiplash; little back anguish; something that doesn’t require a lot of medical overheads, that’s another type of case that you may be able to represent yourself and get a good result with.

You always have to keep in mind these insurance companies they wanna downplay the amount that they pay out, for your demand. There’s a lotta good adjusters out there, and some of’ em are honest; but there’s a lotta adjusters that want to minimize the amount that they’re paying out so that they can save their boss money, their boss’ boss’ boss coin really.

You know, and these are big corporations and they have bottom line. And so that’s what they’re looking out for. You’re looking out for your own interest and sometimes cutting out the attorney’s costs is an aspect that you want to consider.

The final thing, or one of the other ones I predict, and there’s two interesting thing is what are the medical outlays? And we kinda talked about that, with the gravity of the traumata. If you have a hospital visit, that call alone frequently is well over a 1,000 dollars and sometimes is up to 20.000, 30,000, 100,000 dollars and beyond. Apparently if you have a hospital visit, and it’s thousands of dollars, that lean alone may warrant having an attorney get involved to see if he can reduce those bills.

There’s health insurance that comes involved. The hospital has a right to try to come back to you and say, after your settlement, we received some compensation from your health insurance but we know you have an injury settlement and we want more of that money.

That’s something that you’re gonna requirement an lawyer to be addressed.’ Cause that’s a lean issue, and that can get very complicated. From every state there’s different the regulations and your lawyer can save you hundreds of dollars, literally in a big case; or, you know, something more practical, a marry thousand dollars more in your pocket after you had paid off your lawyer and the tilts were taken care of properly.

You also can then feel rest assured that your advocate has looked at every possible provider and manufactured sure that there’s no outstanding reclines. So that after you’ve reconciled your occasion one of these physicians isn’t gonna come forward to you and say inspect I still need to be paid, and now you thought that they were taken care of. So that’s another issue that comes up. Finally, you’re held to the same standard as an attorney when you’re deal with such insurance companies and their lawyers.

So if you’re representing yourself, you’re representing yourself as your own lawyer.

If you “re making a mistake”, that costs you your speciman entirely, or overheads you to lose a lot of fund, you can’t go back and say hey, you are well aware, I now crave an lawyer to look at this to review it. There’s very few specimen that you’re gonna be able to do that. So it’s kinda high stakes and so you wanna make sure you’re doin’ it correctly. The final thing I would tell Samantha is seem solicitors, almost every one of us, will sit down and at least talk to you about your occasion, give you the factors you need to consider.

There’s lawsuits that I talk to patients, I throw’ em all the information they need, they end up representing themselves.

Some of’ em come back to me and they, you are well aware, had problems representing themselves. I’m happy to look at it then and pick up where they were but it’s a free consultation. It’s something that you should take advantage of and there is an opportunity save you a lot of money in the long run.

So, with that, I think that’s what Samantha should be lookin at, those are the factors. If anyone watching this wants to contact me for a consultation, on their bag, my firm is the Kelly Law Team and the figure is 602-283-4122.

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