Meet Houston Tx Accident Attorney Hector L. Sandoval.

Houston Tx Accident Attorney

Sandoval Law Firm, PLLC officially opened its doors in early 2019, focusing on fighting for the rights of injured workers and victims of negligent drivers who cause serious car accidents and 18-wheeler accidents.

Hector L. Sandoval, a Houston accident attorney, is the lead attorney and business owner. “I’ve been in active practice since 2004, and I’ve previously worked at three firms, two of which I owned.” “Our firm handles all types of personal injury cases, with a focus on representing injured workers in Texas work injuries,” Attorney Sandoval explained.

Mr. Sandoval was recently interviewed, and he decided to post some of the questions and answers on his website (read: Lead Attorney Spotlight) so you can get a better sense of who he is, why he decided to become a lawyer, and other information.

Answers to the following questions can be found on this interview page:

Why did you decide to become a lawyer, specifically one who represents personal injury victims in automobile and workplace accidents? (Rather than other legal practices such as immigration, etc.)

How important do you think it is for your clients to be able to communicate with you and your staff in their native language, whether English or Spanish?

Is your law firm seeing an increase in car accident cases involving texting and driving, or in pedestrian deaths involving people who were found checking their smartphones while walking and crossing the street?

You have extensive experience as an attorney representing workers’ compensation cases, particularly those involving non-subscriber companies. What do you believe are the most common causes of workplace accidents, and what can employers do to reduce the number of workplace accidents?

What do most people do incorrectly after a workplace accident, and what should they do instead?
What exactly is a Texas Non-subscriber case, and how does it differ from a standard workers’ compensation case?
Will you ever get in touch with Attorney Sandoval?

Yes, the answer is yes! Yes, absolutely!

When you’ve been injured in a serious accident and need a lawyer you can trust, you might be surprised to learn that when you call certain law firms, you may never speak directly with a “lawyer” before being asked to sign a contract to hire that lawyer. You must consider what that firm thinks of your case. Perhaps just another number?

When selecting a law firm to represent you, it is critical that you consider how you are treated from the first point of contact! Even if some lawyers are unaware of it, lawyers and law firms are in the customer service industry.

How can you and your family put your trust in a law firm or a lawyer at a time when you are most vulnerable and under stress without speaking directly with the person you are entrusting to protect your rights or meeting with them in person? Don’t be satisfied!

Lawyer-client relationships are founded on trust!

You will speak directly with me at the Sandoval Law Firm, and I will do my best to earn your trust from our first meeting. I take pride in being available to discuss your legal issue over the phone or in person and quickly determine whether we believe we can help you. If we can’t, we will at the very least try to offer some guidance to you and your family so that you can go about your lives with peace of mind, knowing you’ve spoken to a lawyer who tried to help.

When you call Sandoval Law Firm, PLLC, I’ll put my legal experience to work for you right away! My firm handles a wide range of personal injury claims. Personal service means that you will be able to communicate with me throughout the course of your personal injury case!

Sandoval Law Firm can be reached at (346) 347-7777. Put Sandoval to work for you! is our website. Please visit for more information in Spanish.

HECTOR L. SANDOVAL is a Houston accident lawyer.

Attorney Sandoval concentrates his practice on representing injured Texas workers and their families throughout the state. Hector built a practice over a three-year period that focused on holding Texas Non-Subscriber Employers accountable when their negligence resulted in serious injuries to their employees. During this time, Hector also represented people who had suffered serious injuries in car accidents, premises cases, and crashes involving 18-wheelers, gaining valuable experience dealing with insurance companies. In 2018, Hector decided it was time to put his national and state-wide experience to use and establish a firm dedicated to representing injured Texans! This is what we do at Sandoval Law Firm, PLLC: we fight for the rights of injured workers!

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