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Houston, June 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — It’s no secret that should you be involved in an auto accident and suffer injuries or lose a loved one, you sadly won’t see much compassion from insurance companies. The very nature of their business is to pay out as little as possible and keep their profits high, and this business-mentality disregards emotion or empathy.
While avoiding pay outs has always been the goal of insurance companies, Houston residents are now being warned about a rise in deceitful car accident insurance adjusters who contact you shortly after your collision The sole purpose of the adjuster is to discredit your case while you’re vulnerable and reduce the amount of any potential compensation that you are owned.
This is all too familiar for Fleming Law Personal Injury Attorney, who have been specialist traffic collision lawyers in Houston for over 30 years. Fleming Law believe that unsuspecting drivers are being caught out by insurance adjusters, and to fight back, they are championing a scheme to help Houston residents understand their rights if involved in an accident.
Below, Fleming Law outline what you should do if you are involved in an auto accident and contacted by an insurance adjuster on behalf of the other driver:
1. Know your rights and don’t pass on any information – it could harm your case
If the other drivers’ insurance adjuster contacts you, you need to understand:
If this is the first time you’ve been involved in a collision, it’s important to remember have rights and there are steps you need to take to protect your right for full compensation.
Speak to an experienced car accident lawyer before passing on any information to an adjuster, even if you feel it’s insignificant. Insurance adjusters are just as skilled as trial lawyers in framing questions and eliciting answers that only benefit the insurance company.
2. Document the facts and speak to a car accident lawyer
Being caught up in a vehicle accident can be traumatic. All manners of things rush through your head as your brain tries to process the shock and make sense of the questions you are asking yourself, such as are you hurt, will this cost a lot of money to repair my vehicle, are the other drivers harmed, and will it have a long-lasting impact on your life.
However, time is of the essence. Always take care of yourself and your injuries first. Then, it’s vitally important to document the facts, either straight after or as soon as possible after the accident happens, so that you can start to build your case.
The next step is to speak to Fleming Law Personal Injury Attorney, who can help piece together the evidence and information you have, and represent you with exceptional quality and experience, seeking the full compensation for damages that are owed.
3. Understand how to recover damages after a Houston car wreck
Auto accidents are very common in Houston. Ranging from hit and runs and head-on collisions to being rear ended or hit on a left-hand turn, there are many, many types of accidents, big and small. Yet it’s very unlikely, should you be involved in any sort of auto accident, that you’ll know what types of damages you can recover.
Usually damages are categorized as ‘pain and suffering’, which refers to non-economic damages associated with a serious personal injury. It can refer to not only physical pain, but also emotional distress.
The damages you can recover can be dependant on others driver’s types of car insurance coverage, the severity of your injury, the medical treatment or rehabilitation you were forced to endure, recovery length and the long-term effects on your life.
The sooner you contact Fleming Law Personal Injury Attorney – Houston after a crash, the sooner they can get to work documenting your claim and helping you recover the maximum compensation.
The best car accident lawyers only ask to be paid if they win your case
You may be worried about paying for quality legal representation. Those worries can be put to rest with Fleming Law Personal Injury Attorney – Houston, because if they don’t win your case, you pay nothing. It really is as simple as that. Have a browse of their Houston car accident lawyer reviews for further evidence of their exceptional win rates.
More information:
Fleming Law Personal Injury Attorney was championed by Michael P. Fleming who sadly passed away in July 2020. Up until his death, he was consistently rated as one of the best car accident lawyers in Houston. Michael brought together some of the finest attorneys in all of Texas, and this team now carry the company with the same grit, professionalism, and exceptionalism that Michael did. If you suffer injuries in an accident, Fleming Law P.C are the team to call. Learn more via the website: https://flemingattorneys.com/


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